Drop NFT Terms of Use

  • The benefits and utilities of the #SummerofDrop22 NFT begin on June 21, 2022 and conclude on September 22, 2022 “the utility period”;
  • The benefits and utilities of the #SummerofDrop22 NFT include:
  • 10% back on travel and entertainment purchased made at a list of preselected merchants on a debit or credit card that is linked to your Drop account;
  • $1,000 spending cash towards initiatives that help users make Summer memories that is to be redeemed via the Drop SummerofDrop22 concierge at <dropsummerconcierge@joindrop.com>
  • Choice of one of two in-app collectibles, choose from either a Shopping or Gaming collectible;
  • Access to exclusive events and giveaways
  • NFT owners must remain Drop card-linked members for the duration of the utility period in order to receive any and all benefits tied to #SummerofDrop22 NFT ownership;
  • Any and all utility and benefit tied to the #SummerofDrop NFT expires on September 22, 2022. Any unused benefits or utilities will be forfeited if not used by September 22, 2022;
  • NFT owners can receive 10% back on Travel & Entertainment expenses made at predetermined merchants, the full list can be found here. There is a lifetime cash back limit of 750,000 Drop Points
  • $1,000 memory bank to be used towards Summer 2022 initiatives and to be activated via the Summer of Drop concierge at <dropsummerconcierge@joindrop.com>, Drop has the right to deny requests at their own and sole discretion;
  • There is no set amount of giveaway or getaways that an NFT holder is entitled to
  • You must be the active owner of the #DropofSummmer22 NFT in order to be eligible to receive its benefits and utilities. If a #SummerofDrop22 NFT is traded or sold during the utility period, it is both the seller and buyer’s responsibility to notify Drop of the change in owner by contacting, <dropsummerconcierge@joindrop.com> within 24 hours of the transaction being finalized. Drop cannot be held liable and will not be responsible for any disputes related to the selling, trading or transfer of the #SummerOfDrop22 NFT and its benefits.



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Drop lets you earn points at the places you shop the most, with the debit and credit cards you use everyday. Auto-magically.